For Boys & Girls

Smart Hostel Facility

In Biharsharif, many hostels claim that they provide a cheap and clean hostel environment, but all time it does not happen all the time. So we have to open our hostel with full facilities and features. Our hostel facility includes games, quizzes, and many other activities. We want to secure their skills and sharpen their minds. We have a hostel menu that is full of patience and nutrients. Viveka classes focus only on the student's facility and their relaxation.

Study with Games

Hostel Activities

Along with the studies in our institute, the health of the children is also taken into consideration. There are many activities that keep boys and girls mentally and physically fit. Carrom, chess, cricket, and puzzles are some of the many sports offered to children. In our school, children are also made to do yoga so that they can remain active throughout the day and concentrate well on their studies.

Puzzle Games

Improve the complexation strength in every question


Enjoy the game


Strong mental strength and increase thinking power


Fit the full body


Boots the energy for all work


Make it calm and more strong

Food Chart

Hostel Menu

SUN Puri, Bhaji Rice, BhuJiya, Karhi Roti, Sabji, (Milk)
MON Roti, Sabji Rice, Dal, Chokha, Papad Puri, Sabji, (Kheer)
TUE Roti, Bhunjiya, Halwa Rice, Sabji, Aaloo Dum Roti, Mutter Paneer, (Milk)
WED Roti, Chole Rice, Dal, Sabji Roti, Sabji, (Sabai)
THU Roti, Sabji Rice, Rajma Sattu/Aaloo, Paratha, Chatni
FRI Puri, Sabji Khichdi Chokha, Papad Roti Tarka
SAT Roti, Bhunjiya/Sabji Non-veg chicken/Egg Veg paneer Roti, Sabji