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Every dream should be successful with our education and skills development classes.

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Vivekananda Classes Concept School

It is a good place for students who have dreamed of competitive entrance exam preparation at various schools. We strive to make entrance exams as simple as possible and to provide genuine guidance for all competitive exam preparation.

We strengthen students' skills and education techniques so that they will clear their maximum number of questions in the minimum amount of time. We assure you that you will be selected for the secure topmost position. Without any delay, join our school today and make your dream come true.

good school for entrance exams preparation
R.K. Mission 80%
Simultala School 95%
Sainik School 90%
Military School 75%
Netarhat School 95%
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What you have in our Popular Courses/Classes

Vivekananda Classes are more serious in their education techniques, study materials, and classroom assignments. We do not just provide education; we also improve children's communication skills as well as their general behavior. Look at our admission entrance exam details or seat availability in our classroom.

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Our Faculty

Mr. Sanjeev Kumar sir is the director of Vivekananda Classes, Bihar Sharif, Nalanda, and the managing director is Mr. Rajesh Kumar. We have been serving quality education for competitive entrance exam preparation for more than 11 years and always try to improve our educational technique. Vivekananda Classes has a large number of experienced teachers who teach every subject using shortcuts and techniques to help students cover as many questions as possible in as little time as possible.

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Sanjeev Kumar

managing director

Rajesh Kumar

Managing Director